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Data centers that meet your future needs

Design and build a flexible infrastructure
As business demand for IT services escalates, so does the need for a company’s data center facilities to enable dynamic growth. To keep up, IT implements flexible infrastructures, and so too should the data center. But data centers typically aren’t flexible, they’re restrictive, and it causes IT to look for solutions beyond their immediate operating control. And if they update, it’s at a high capital cost.

Combining strategic consulting and design engineering with IT expertise
HP specializes in consulting, design, implementation and assurance services for new or retrofit data centers. Our experts design and build custom or modular, multi-tier datacenters to meet changing business needs with lower facilities capital and operating costs.

For each engagement, we put together a team of data center facilities consultants, architects and design engineers. We assess your current situation, using a portfolio of assessments and analysis, and then evaluate your needs. We translate your business and data center needs into a business case, showing you all the steps needed to create your data center solution and position yourself for long-term growth.

Our team undertakes conceptual planning, including evaluating site considerations, models reliability and costs, and produces detailed engineering documents and drawings. Our services also include assurance aspects, looking at your operational capabilities and needs. We specialize in designing and building modularity into data centers, custom or prefabricated, that enable future IT and datacenter expansion.

We act as Prime for the planning, design, building and commissioning of your datacenter. We’ve designed over 65 million square feet of data center space. Our project experience and intellectual capital reduce risk and bring you unique expertise to treat the data center facility and IT as one.

“We ensured our success by hiring the very best designers, HP Data Center Facilities Services. Our HP team provided us with an end-to-end solution, working collegially and closely with all parties.””
—David Hamner, CEO, DataSpace