EMERSON Data Center



Emerson has been delivering best-in-class data center equipment and IT innovations to its customers for decades. So when the company decided to consolidate more than 100 data centers of its own, building a new facility was more than a construction project.

It was a chance to practice what they preach.

The result is a best-in-class data center designed by and for the data center experts. The new facility, located on Emerson’s corporate campus in St. Louis, showcases a full array of innovative Emerson Network Power technologies and strategies, including the energy-saving recommendations from our own Energy Logic roadmap. Those steps help the new facility achieve 31 percent better energy efficiency than a traditional data center and are among the reasons we received LEED Gold Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

And thanks to our Emerson Network Power products, we were able to achieve that kind of extraordinary efficiency without compromising availability. The new data center is equipped with three tiers of redundancy to provide the highest levels of reliability.

In short, we have—and we are—another satisfied customer.