HP Network Device



HP has been in the networking and switching business for decades. The HP division that became the HP ProCurve division began in Roseville, CA, in 1979. Originally it was part of HP’s Data Systems Division (DSD) and known as DSD-Roseville. Later, it was called the Roseville Networks Division (RND), then the Workgroup Networks Division (WND), before becoming the ProCurve Networking Business (PNB). The trademark filing date for the ProCurve name was February 25, 199 On August 11, 2008 HP announced the acquisition of Colubris Networks, manufacturer of wireless capabilities, such as 802.11n. This completed on October 1, 2008 On November 11, 2009, HP announced its intent to acquire 3Com Corporation for $2.7B. In April 2010, HP completed its acquisition.